A group of actors preparing for a corporate event



From colleague training sessions to corporate conferences...

...we make your events memorable. We offer an end-to-end service from researching themes and suggesting event structures to working with you to make the event targetted and pitched correctly for the audience.

We will host and MC the event, blending specially written and performed segments with interaction, role-play and delegate participation.


Role play, demonstration, enactment and feedback...

...our team building and creative environment provides experiences that can be taken away and applied to a range of business settings.

We create bespoke packages which are innovative, inspiring and flexible. We work with you to ensure that the approach matches your goals and wider business aims to deliver on a range of specific objectives.


Audio performances, voice-overs, announcements, readings...

...whether for internal, marketing or broadcast our professionals will bring your audio to life.

Experienced radio and spoken-word performers cover the whole spectrum of work from short video voice-overs right up to production and presentation of complete radio shows for closed-circuit (retail) and broadcast release.


The most effective and engaging communication medium...

...video is a powerful tool which grabs and retains attention longer. Delivering a lot of information, easily sharded and bringing ideas to life in a way that gets messages across to more audiences.

With only a few seconds to grab the audience, you need to make sure the video has quality content that people want to look at.

Our highly skilled, experienced video partners work with us to make it happen!


Impactful product and marketing campaign launches...

...as skilled marketers, we will work with you to create attention grabbing presentations and launch scenarios which integrate with your wider campaign.

Whether a single "spot" piece or a series to support your launch; live events of filmed clips our combined expertise gives your launch a boost.


Develop your presentation and speaking skills...

...and grow your confidence. Our experts bring their proven performance, audience engagement and presentation training to help you raise your game.

Whether for a particular speaking event, to develop the individual ability or the skills of your public facing teams our coaching makes all the difference.